Maternity / Pregnancy Photography Sessions

When you are pregnant you can’t wait for your baby to arrive and then, before you know it you’ve had the baby and it’s all over.

The best way to remember this amazing experience is to capture it with a maternity portrait session. Every time you look at your photo’s you will be reminded of that wonderful time when you were creating your precious, little miracle.

Your significant other is welcome to jump in to the portraits with you and siblings are also encouraged to be a part of the experience. Just remember however the focus of a maternity session is your gorgeous bump.

Maternity sessions are best done when you are between 32 – 38 weeks. This is the best time to make the most out of your belly and also so that it is not too close to your due date (just in case you have the baby early and we miss it all together). Twins may be done a little earlier.

A Maternity session will generally take about 1 hour.

Maternity sessions are held in my home studio. Take a look at my maternity photography folio

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