Green Head Coast

Last Easter we went up to a place called Green Head with my cousins and our families had a great time. I’d forgotten about the few photos that I’d taken and I just found this so I thought I’d show you all.

There’s not much there really to do or to take photos of but I think this one came up alright.


  • leighdiprosephotography

    Dam it you found my secret spot! Love going to Green Head!
    Great Pic.

    • andreagreenphotography

      Uhhhhhh Haa Ha, I must be psychic.

  • mtlawleyshire

    beautiful – where is Green Head?

    • andreagreenphotography

      Hey it’s up North just past Jurien Bay. We loved it. The others said they probably wouldn’t go back again cause there wasn’t much to do but we thought it was good.

  • kasmango

    Gorgeous shot!

    • andreagreenphotography

      Thank you.

  • frenchfry36

    Beautiful colours :)

    • andreagreenphotography

      Thanks very much.


    Great image and it looks like an interesting place to photograph

    • andreagreenphotography

      Thanks a lot, yes it is pretty cool there but not much else around, although I may have found other things to shoot if I’d looked around a bit more.

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    • andreagreenphotography

      Your welcome.
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