The Pinnacles Funny Face

There are so many cool looking Pinnacles. You have ones that just look like big rocks, some like dinosaurs and some like my funny face Pinnacle. It’s so much fun looking at all of the different shapes, sizes, faces and all sorts, you can just keep shooting and shooting and you just don’t get bored.

I love this photo, I think it looks like a really cool one eyed face.


  • mtlawleyshire

    almost creepy :-)

  • Erik

    Nice work with the side lighting. You’ve got a good eye to have been able to catch sight of the face.

    • andreagreenphotography

      Cheers Erik. You’d be amazed at all the different things that you see in the Pinnacles, it’s pretty cool. I have another shot like this and it looks a bit like the Scream mask. It’s really neat.

  • True North Mark

    Looks a lot like another part of the anatomy to me Andrea! :)

    • andreagreenphotography

      Yeah Yeah, I know, get your head out of the gutter young Mark LOL.

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