Halls Head

Here are a couple more shots from Halls Head. Another great spot and I only know about it thanks to the legendary Jamie Paterson who was awesome enough to let me tag along with him one day.

Halls Head is great because it has alot of reef there which is great fun, you have alot of different compositions to have a go at. I didn’t do so well the day I went out with Jamie so I went back again and these are a couple of those shots.


  • Tony Middleton

    very nice Andrea – I like the little waterfall on the righthand side.

    • http://www.andreagreenphotography.com andreagreenphotography

      Thanks Tony, I like the little waterfall too.

  • http://davidbettini.wordpress.com dave bettini

    Nice clean compositions and beautiful lighting Andrea! Flemming might have something to comment on your 2nd image. he he.
    Very nice images.

  • http://www.andreagreenphotography.com andreagreenphotography

    Thanks Dave I appreciate your comments, so what is it that Flemming will have to say, I’m racking my mind trying to figure it out now. lol

    • http://davidbettini.wordpress.com davidbettini

      Flemming aka “The Human Spirit Level” might say that you horizon is a bit off! he he

      • http://davidbettini.wordpress.com davidbettini

        Oh I see you’re already onto it!

        • http://www.andreagreenphotography.com andreagreenphotography

          Yep I’m already there, thanks David, that’s what I thought you ment, I said to Muzz I had done the ruler in Photoshop, but I think sometimes you look at the shot so much you just can’t tell anymore. Never mind it’s fixed again now. In future I think with the horizon I will check it and then look again the next day or something. It’s happened a few times to me now when I’ve done it through photoshop and then it’s still a bit wonky. I don’t get it.

  • muzz

    Flemming is the master of spotting the not-quite-level horizon. Nice shot’s Andrea but be careful, there are some dodgy characters out that way. Never looks like this to me so I’ll have to go and check it out.

  • http://www.andreagreenphotography.com andreagreenphotography

    That’s what I thought David ment with Flemming and the horizon, You know what the annoying thing is, I did do the straightening on that shot and it’s still not quite right. I don’t know do you think sometimes it’s photoshop and it doesn’t quite get the degree’s correct because I use the ruler and do the line right along the horizon and then do the arbitrary rotation, sometimes I do it in bridge too.

    • muzz

      Yeah, Photoshop has ruined heaps of my shots ;-)

  • http://www.christianfletcher.com.au Christian

    not bad Andrea, you are getting the hang of this photography thing aren’t ya!

    • http://www.andreagreenphotography.com andreagreenphotography

      Thanks Christian, I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

  • http://www.truenorthmark.wordpress.com True North Mark

    I am yet to see one of your shots Muzz…about time that changed I reckon mate! :)

    • http://www.andreagreenphotography.wordpress.com Andrea Green

      Yeh I agree Mark, hey Muzz if I can do it surely you can, you have known these guys way longer than me. You just have to bite the bullet and once you do it it’s great.

    • muzz

      Merv has seen a couple – he was lost for words! :lol:

  • https://adventuresinpointingandshooting.wordpress.com Eden

    Absolutely lovely! Great shots.

    • http://www.andreagreenphotography.com andreagreenphotography

      Hi Eden,

      Welcome to my blog, thank you for the nice comments, I appreciate it.


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