Frangipani‘s are really lovely flowers aren’t they? I don’t really do macro photography and I’m not a real flowery kind of person but I like to have a go at different things.

I’m always up for a challenge and I love meeting new people and getting fresh ideas and inspiration. Anyway I had a go at some flowers and here’s one of the shots I took of a neighbours frangipani. I actually really like frangipani‘s which is one of the few flowers that I do really like.

Frangipani’s for me make me feel really fresh, like I’m on a tropical beach somewhere hot and gorgeous, just soaking up the sun.




  • mtlawleyshire

    I love frangipani as well. The perfume and then there’s teh simplicity of shape & the glowing colour. Lovely photo :-)

    • andreagreenphotography

      Cheers thanks Keira.

  • follow the twisted root

    Again, you outdo yourself! Beautiful!

    • andreagreenphotography

      Thank you so much.

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