Fortescue Falls Karijini

These photos were taken at Fortescue Falls in Karijini National Park. We camped near here and so we went down everyday to the falls as well as to another area not far away which is called Fern Pool. These are all in Dales Gorge, which so far is my favourite gorge at Karijini, although I did miss one so next time we’ll see if it stays my favourite.

I can’t decide between the crops of this photo so I thought I’d post the original shot and then a crop from the top to get rid of the trees and also one that has still kept the aspect ration but it means that it comes in pretty tight on the sides of the waterfall.

Let me know what you think looks best, I can’t decide. I’m thinking the crop from the top so I keep the whole waterfall but I’m not sure if it looks too wide.

  • RichardB1001

    I think the crop that shows more of the strata of the rock is more interesting than showing more of the still water.

    • andreagreenphotography

      Cheers, thanks for that Richard.

  • LParent

    I like the 2nd one, best. it shows more water an less trees. I don’t minde it being wide, in fact it allows my eyes to roam around which is always a plus.

    • andreagreenphotography

      Cool thanks for that.

  • mtlawleyshire

    I’m gonna be a pain & say I like the first – the trees give it all context somehow. I reckon you could have 3 different photos – 1 for the whole thing, one of teh rocks, and one of the water. But that’s just me & I’m not a professional. I love it – the colours, the different lines and texture and water flowing through the whole lot, melding it all into one.

    • andreagreenphotography

      Cheers thanks a mil, Keira.
      You don’t have to be a professional to have your opinion. I don’t care if someone is a photographer or not I like to get different takes on things. Everyone has different ideas. It’s part of the fun.

  • bonsai eejit

    First one for me, more rock and better composition.

    • andreagreenphotography

      Cheers Thanks for that.

  • Inspired and pretty

    This waterfall is gorgeous, I love the effect of the water at a slow shutter speed. It’s a very beautiful photo Andrea !
    I prefer the 2nd one, we can still see a little trees behind, just enough of the sky and a little more rocks.

    • andreagreenphotography

      Thanks very much, yeah I think that’s my favourite too, just doubting myself as we do.
      I love slow shutter speed with water, it would definitely be one of my favourite things to do with my landscape photography.

  • frenchfry36

    Out of the 3, I go for number 2, but it’s a close call, really they are all beautiful.

    • andreagreenphotography

      Thanks muchly.

  • Bashar Saidi

    Awesome shots. Thanks for sharing

    • andreagreenphotography

      Thanks Bashar.

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