Cairns 2

Here is another shot that was taken in Cairns over at Green Island. I love the colour of the water and the bright blue skies over there. You just feel so relaxed and peaceful. Well I do anyway. I love the beach, anything with water really and especially tropical places so Cairns is an ideal place for me.

It’s just so gorgeous.



Canon EOS 5D Mark II

EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM at 16mm


1/125 sec

ISO 100

Polarising Filter

  • Tony Middleton

    This looks very inviting indeed Andrea – keep an eye on the horizon levels :)

    • andreagreenphotography

      Thanks Tony,
      Hey when you say about the horizon are you talking about sloping on the right? I don’t know why that happened as it’s not stitched, how do you fix that? I thought it was a problem and then I thought it was just an optical illusion because someone else had something like that in a shot and I’d said their horizon was a little sloping and they said it was an optical illusion because of some rocks etc that were near the horizon.
      Any thoughts?

      • Tony Middleton

        hi Andrea, I think part of the horizon in this one is appearing to have a ‘bulge’ up due to being shot on such a wide angle lens and it being in the upper half of the frame. It does appear to still have a slight tilt to the right which can easily be corrected by custom rotating the image a touch in photoshop. I hope this helps…
        Other than that I just want to jump in there and go snorkelling ! :)

      • andreagreenphotography

        Hi Tony, Thanks for that, I’ll give it a try. I did notice it but I thought it was the illusion, I didn’t think to do the custom rotating because it was a strange shape. I’ll give that a go. Thanks a mil Andrea

      • andreagreenphotography

        Hey Tony, what about now do you think that’s enough to fix the bulge?
        Cheers Andrea

  • Adam Monk

    Hey Andrea, this is fabulous, i love the sun reflections in the water, just makes me want to jump right in!

  • andreagreenphotography

    Thanks alot Adam, yeh it does look pretty inviting doesn’t it? It’s actually not as nice as you think, the water is really hot, it’s more refreshing when you jump in, get out and the wind hits you, such a shame because the scenery in Cairns is just so beautiful but you can’t really swim there. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this it ruins the illusion doesn’t it? LOL

  • Tony Middleton

    Rotating it will only even up the horizon, not straighten it. But it will look better like that I would think :)
    To straighten would be a bit more involved and entail warping or distorting it back to straight and level.

    have fun :)

    • andreagreenphotography

      Oh that’s why I’m a bit confused because the horizon isn’t sloping as such I thought it wouldn’t work properly to just straighten the horizon. I will have a go at your suggestions and I was thinking maybe I could try liquifying it a bit to push down the bulge and I may be able to lift the right edge a touch.

  • True North Mark

    Hi Andrea…another nice shot, but this is an example of going just a little too much with the polariser on the right where it is very dark.

    Great colours though and nice and peacefull as you say!

  • andreagreenphotography

    Thanks Mark, so when your saying overboard with the polariser would you not turn it then until it goes to the darkest shade you would cut it back a touch or are you talking post production?

  • Tony Middleton

    Hi Andrea – yep, that’s a lot better – well done ! :)

    • andreagreenphotography

      Thanks Tony

  • Andrew Brown

    Hi Andrea, lovely reef image. It is a great spot up there.

    • andreagreenphotography

      Thanks Andrew, yeh I agree I loved it in Cairns. Definately on my do again list.

  • jeb610

    I visited Cairns a year ago and it is certainly of the beautiful places I have been to.
    Great photo, I like your work.

    • andreagreenphotography

      Thanks very much, I love Cairns, it is on my too do again list for the very near future. I only got a few days there and it was no where near enough time

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