Newborn Baby Photography of the Gorgeous Nash

This adorable Newborn Baby  Photos are from the gorgeous Nash, taken when I did his Newborn Baby Photography Session in my Studio in Perth WA.

Nash was sooo cute, he took a little while to go to sleep, but once he was there he was out like a light. I managed to get lot’s of awesome photos and I even got one of the most difficult poses with him resting his chin on his hands whilst propped up. I’ll have that photo up on the blog in the next few days.

I thought this photo was so cute with him just sitting in the hanger, resting his hands on his knees looking so relaxed, if only you knew LOL. It actually took us a while to get him just right, it was pretty funny but I was determined to get this photo and my patience paid off, well I think so anyway.

Thanks Kylie and Kane for your patience and help, hope you like the photo.

  • Michel X. Powers

    thank you for sharing!! i have my first newborn photo shoot coming up and really want to try this pose. i noticed one person layered with a heating pad, doesnt that get too hot for the baby? i have seen one photog use a hair drier that they keep turned on low heat, aimed at the naked baby, obviously at a distance (same idea as a space heater) the entire photo shoot. the benefit of this is you not only get the warmth, but also the white noise. i see that the baby’s bottom is sloped downward in these. how do you achieve this? is this just from the baby’s arms resting on the boppy/quilt? or is it also indenting the bean bag?

    • Andrea Green Photography

      Hi Michel,
      Your quite welcome. Newborn photography can be quite difficult, you really need to know what you are doing and you need to be extremely careful of the way you manipulate and deal with the babies.I have ducted heating so when I do a newborn session I have my house heated to about 25 degrees(it get’s quite hot) and I also have a small heater that is on oscillate that I have near the baby blowing over them to keep them warm as well. This photo was actually really difficult to get it just right. I had heaps of problems being able to get him on the right angle with his bottom where it was and getting him sitting up and staying there. I do use a bit of padding under their bottom sometimes to prop them up and also behind too if needed.It depends on the size of the baby, what I have them hanging in and also if they’re strong. It’s a bit hard to explain to you how I got it as it was a lot of patience because I really wanted to get this photo and also a bit of sheer luck that I got it just right with his hands in his lap, head up and the look on his face. It took me a very long time at the end of our session to get this. I hope this helps you.

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