Newborn Baby Photography Perth Hello Again

Hi Everyone,

Thought I would post some of my photos from my Newborn Baby Photography Sessions. I love doing the newborn baby shoots, I don’t know what it is about newborns that I love so much, I suppose it’s that they just snuggle in to you so much and they just smell so good.  Plus I get the most gorgeous photo’s so what more can you say. I just love it.

P.S Sorry guys I know this probably isn’t your thing but too bad LOL :)

  • mervfrench

    I thought it would go downhill quickly but not this quick !!!! :)

    They are good shots though. You might have found your niche Andrea.

    • Andrea Green

      Geez thanks Merv, I think !!!! LOL

  • peta

    Welcome to the blogging community…They are very cute, such innocence…Great start to your blog.

    • Andrea Green

      Thanks Pete, Thanks for your lovely email that you sent it was a real confidence boost.

  • Andrea Green

    Too funny Muzz, I gotta say I had a pretty good laugh over that one.

  • muzz

    Nice work Andrea. It’s amazing how still they stay after you put them in the fridge for 20 minutes!

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