Hanging Sling Photo of Baby Hayley

This is the very cute Hayley. She was about a week old when I took her photos.

I tell you what she made me work hard to get the photos of her but it was so worth it. The poor little thing just didn’t like me touching her, every  time I did anything to her she stirred and then cried. I like to think that I’m usually pretty darn good with babies, they fall asleep great for me, I absolutely adore shooting them, and I just love being around them, but this day she just didn’t want a bar of me. I felt like such a meanie. Anyway we ended up with some great photos so I am definately not complaining.

Thanks so much to her lovely Mum for being so patient. Hope you guys like the photo. What do you think the portrait or landscape photo?



  • http://inspiredandpretty.wordpress.com Inspired and pretty

    Wow….Wonderful photos Andrea ! I’m sure it must not be always easy to photograph babies, especially when they are just a week old ! You did a wonderful job. These photos reminds me of Anne Geddes style, it’s lovely and very original.
    I think you’re very good at both style, portrait and landscape !

    • http://www.andreagreenphotography.com Andrea Green Photography

      Hiya, so sorry I haven’t reponded for this long to your comment. Had some problems with my comments showing upo and now that I’vee got it all sorted I have heaps of unread comments to get to. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, I really do appreciate it.

  • http://jdtphoto.wordpress.com jdtphotography.co.uk

    Simply Awesome

    • Andrea Green

      Thanks very much.

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