Baby Kookaburra at Dwellingup

We went away at Easter to Dwellingup, which for those of you who don’t know is a little town about an hour and a half down south from Perth. There is a great camping ground there and we just love it. It’s great for the adults as well as the kids, we just have a blast.

While we were there we saw this Kookaburra which we thought was still a baby as it was still quite little. I’m not really into animals a lot but he was really cute and I wanted to have a go at photographing a bird so I gave it a go. I feel that this shot came out pretty good but I can’t decide if I like the coloured version better or black & white.

What do you think?


  • mtlawleyshire

    Colour! & I reckon he’s young. That’s a gorgeous photo!

    • andreagreenphotography

      Yeah after I posted it I thought colour too. Thanks.

  • marviiilous

    in color! he’s sooo adorable :) great shot!

    • andreagreenphotography

      Cheers, thanks for that.

  • True North Mark

    He is a cool looking litre tacka indeed Andrea!

    • andreagreenphotography

      Thanks Mark.

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